A Formulation Engineered to Deliver Dose Uniformity—
Every Drop, Every Time


The Formulation Features of LOTEMAX GEL

LOTEMAX GEL Delivers Consistent Concentration in Every Drop

*Digital simulation of drop demonstration; GEL and Suspension dispensed from conventional drop bottles.

DID YOU KNOW: Poor patient compliance has been observed with shaking of ocular drugs5

In one study, 63% of patients did not shake an ophthalmic suspension medication
despite a labeled direction to shake*

No shaking required with LOTEMAX GEL2

*This study reported patient compliance (n=100) with the use of ophthalmic corticosteroid suspensions in an analysis of the concentration of corticosteroid delivered when the drug bottles are shaken a number of times or not at all. LOTEMAX GEL was not used in this study.