You’ve made this investment because your eyesight is very valuable, and your eye care after surgery is equally important. It is advised that you follow your eye doctor’s recommendations for postoperative care. This means continuing with your postoperative regimen, including your dosing of LOTEMAX GEL, until treatment is complete.

Your eye doctor has prescribed specific medications for you after eye surgery to help control your ocular postsurgical pain and inflammation. LOTEMAX GEL is a corticosteroid indicated to treat inflammation and reduce eye pain following ocular surgery.

Sometimes your pharmacy will ask if you want a generic substitution for branded medications.

If you are prescribed LOTEMAX GEL after ocular surgery, it is important to understand that there is no generic gel formulation available.

  • It is important that your eye doctor talks to you about the following information for LOTEMAX GEL:
    • The potential for slowed or delayed healing
    • Maintaining the sterility of the dropper tip
    • Use with contact lenses
    • Use with other topical ocular therapy
  • Be sure your eye doctor advises you about any additional considerations that they may deem medically necessary
  • Talk to your eye doctor about LOTEMAX GEL and any additional questions you may have
  • Also be sure to see the Important Safety Information about LOTEMAX GEL below